The Salon Magazine: Boost Oxygen Beauty Review


Boost Oxygen Beauty is a unique, all-natural wellness and beauty product. With 98% Pure Oxygen and Essential Oil Aromas of Frankincense and Pink Grapefruit it provides the benefits of Oxygen Therapy and Aromatherapy, in a handy portable can! 

Salon’s Louisa McLean gave it a try… 

Boost Oxygen Beauty promotes calm during busy periods of the day, did it reduce stress?
Louisa: I did find I was relaxed after using this in the evening.
Did it uplift and energise during moments of fatigue?
Louisa: It felt like my start to the day was more refreshed.
How did you find the scent?
Louisa: Very subtle and uplifting.
Did breathing Boost Oxygen Beauty over time result in a clearer skintone?
Louisa: Yes, the skintone was definitely better.
A great way to start and finish the day as part of your beauty regime?
Louisa: Easy and pleasant to use.
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"...Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in anything from mild fatigue to life threatening disease.The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly established. The more oxygen we have in our system, the more energy we produce."

Dr. W. Spencer Way Journal of the American Association of Physicians

"Many of my COPD, asthma and anxiety patients have reported how breathing Boost Oxygen opened up their lungs and helped clear excess mucus and ease tightness in their chest."

Mariana Arando Co-founder of Touch Tuina Treatment Centre