Why we add Aromatherapy Fragrances?

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Aromatherapy fragrances have been added to enhance the experience of Oxygen intake, however each essential oil aroma is an active ingredient with additional benefits for the body and mind. In Egypt and China Aromatherapy has been used as a complementary and alternative therapy for at least 6000 years and with good reason.

When an essential oil is inhaled or exhaled through the nose it reaches the olfactory bulb, which then connects with the limbic system, commonly referred to as the ‘emotional brain’. The limbic system is directly connected to those parts of the brain that control breathing, stress levels, memory, heart rate and blood pressure. Immediately after inhalation and depending on the oil one may begin to feel more alert or more relaxed. For instance Peppermint has a stimulating effect, Pink Grapefruit uplifts and Eucalyptus relieves stress and mental fatigue.

Essential oil molecules inhaled through the nose or mouth are also carried to the lungs and interact with the respiratory system. Thus, inhaled essential oils can support the body through several systems and pathways.

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"...Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in anything from mild fatigue to life threatening disease.The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly established. The more oxygen we have in our system, the more energy we produce."

Dr. W. Spencer Way Journal of the American Association of Physicians

"Many of my COPD, asthma and anxiety patients have reported how breathing Boost Oxygen opened up their lungs and helped clear excess mucus and ease tightness in their chest."

Mariana Arando Co-founder of Touch Tuina Treatment Centre