A Merry Christmas to all from Team Boost UK

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The festive season is finally upon us! Excitement levels are high as we look forward a break from school or work, reunions with family and friends as well as Christmas feasts! For some of us energy levels are already waning from a whirlwind of Christmas parties, last minute shopping and preparing for get-togethers! Boost Oxygen can help keep your holiday spirit alive and energised throughout the festivities! Research shows that breathing pure oxygen boosts mental and physical performance as well as concentration and memory. 

And of course supplemental oxygen is well known for curing the effects of too many festive tipples! If you know a fireman, policeman or doctor/nurse who has access to supplemental Oxygen, he or she will most likely be able to confirm that inhaling Oxygen is an amazing hangover remedy! 

Although it’s officially the season of good cheer, Christmas may be a time of stress and mild anxiety for some. Breathing Boost Oxygen can support during the intense and high-pressure festive season. Oxygen therapy is known to help relieve stress, nervous tension and mild anxiety while topping up oxygen levels depleted by adrenaline. 

That's it for now folks! We at Boost Oxygen UK wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


“...Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in anything from mild fatigue to life threatening disease.The link beweeen insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly established. The more oxygen we have in our system, the more energy we produce.”

Dr. W. Spencer Way Journal of the American Association of Physicians

“I tried Boost Oxygen for the first time at the opening round at Brands Hatch while competing in the Porsche Club Championship. What a difference it made! I had my best ever qualifying and race result as well as my fastest lap time. I will certainly be using Boost Oxygen in the future.”

Karim Semi-professional Racing Driver

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